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It is not unusual to see structural defects, sunk, caved, or completely collapsed buildings, in Lekki, Lagos State, NIGERIA.

As a result of the waterlogged nature of the area (Lekki), several structural checks and principles must be followed to avoid building disaster.

Some of the mistakes to avoid are as follows;

Observe between 3-6 board rafts when building.

As a result of the soil texture, we and the water level in the whole of Lekki, Lagos, a developer must observe a minimum of 3 board raft to avoid losing his whole property. Raft – This is the concrete base that will carry the whole structure.

Exceeding 3 storeys without a pile foundation

Pile foundation, provide support for structures, transferring their load to layers of soil or rock, that have sufficient bearing capacity and suitable settlement characteristics.

Also note that these are long, slender, columns typically made from steel or reinforced concrete and sometimes timber.

It is advisable that when the structure is going far, beyond the second storey you adopt this pilling.

Building along government allocation/committed corridor

No matter how long it takes, the government will always come to their land. Why waste millions on a project that will one day be pulled down. Always ask the professionals before staking a dime in a real estate. I always get the coordinates then chart it to know the status of the particular land to avoid our clients losing money and investments.

Ignoring soil testing

This help to check the properties of the soil as it can affect the basic structure and construction materials used for the project.

This takes place in the specialized laboratory where a number of tests are undertaken to determine the PH. A huge amount of project has been delayed or outright by cancelled in some extreme cases as a result of the unsuitability of its soil at the construction site.

Sceptic Tank ’ Wahala”

Not getting the right people to handle it may mean a big disaster eg. Escape of water, collapse or total breakdown of the system. I’ve witnessed where the septic tank collapsed and the landlord’s daughter was involved which took her life somewhere in Lagos.

Avoiding all these mistakes will help you save some money, time and even lives!

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