The best time to rent a house in Lagos –a must read! -Niyi Olakitan

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Renting a house in Lagos sometimes can be difficult and stressful. I remembered when I was looking for a house then, I could imagine the stress I passed through then. The frustration of getting an apartment has led many tenants ended up renting an apartment they are not comfortable with at end of the day.

The rainy season is the best time to rent that house!

When renting a house in Lagos, because of the nature of the land, of course, most of the Lagos Lands are water lodged, It is important you rent that house during the rainy season, except areas which you are sure of when it rains that there will be no issue. During the rainy season, you can easily know the extent to which water and flood affect the environment in order to decide properly.

Most property agents will not want to let you know this fact when you are looking for a place to rent during the dry season. Never mind the pressure, take your time to find out how that environment looks during and after the rainy season.

Nevertheless, renting an apartment during the dry season is not bad only if you are sure of where you are renting the house. Make enquires, find out from people around, and ask questions so you don’t regret putting your money where you’ll not have the desired comfort at the end of the day.

Most of the times, all the areas that look very dry and okay during the dry season may not be accessible during the rainy season, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to remove your shoes and probably your dress before going out or when coming back home.  This may be dangerous to your automobile too.

You also need to take note of buildings located below the road level when renting a house to avoid erosion or flood into your house which can destroy some home appliance or even lead to death due to contact with electricity.

So, when you are in search for a house to rent, be sure all necessary diligence is being carried out in order not to regret renting a house you wouldn’t be pleased to live at the end of the day.

Best of luck as you rent your apartment.

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