It is really not a thing of joy to lose your hard earned savings in the hand of fraudsters and therefore, it is advised that every due diligence is followed when staking your money on one.

The following are some amazing ways to investigate the genuineness of a property.

  1. Use a proper surveyor: The work of a surveyor is not just to register the land document but it starts before you even make that purchase. The surveyor can through his little GPS machines identify the status of any property.
  1. The lawyer can investigate the title and documents. The lawyer is trained to do some background checks to ascertain the genuineness of a property that you may not see with your ordinary mind. I have seen client save their hard earned money from crooks by engaging lawyers.
  1. The community head (Baale, Oba, etc.) The Baale’s knows every family that have land or properties within their domains. It cost little approaching them with names or description of individual offering you a property. I often advise that you ask the individual to permit that you consummate any transaction in their palace.
  1. The neighbours: Another great way of investigating a property is through the neighbours around the said property.
  1. The previous owner, if there was: If there was a previous owner, this will help you a great deal.
  1. A CTC- Certified true copy: If it is a government property, this will help you. A certified True copy is a process of getting the most document through government agencies that have to do with the property.
  1. Bush cleaning or burning: At the billow of smoke, a whole lot of attention will be called upon the said property and if there is any hanky-panky, it will be revealed.

I hope you will learn at least one or two things that will help you when investing in real estate or buying a place for yourself to build. Please share with others.



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