FAQs On Properties

Qst: How do I invest in property?
Ans: Through search, getting your surveyor and Lawyer aware.

Qst: How much do I need to invest in property?
Ans: #100,000 and above depending on who is selling. Contact us.

Qst: Can I acquire a property with a structured payment plan?
Ans: Yes, you can get a property with a structured payment plan at First Kingdom Realtors Ltd.

Qst: How do I avoid fraudulent property investment?
Ans: Check and confirm that the existing contact address is verifiable. Don’t pay for a property you cannot see or get to.

Qst: How do I ascertain a property is fraudulent?
Ans: A property is fraudulent when there is no coordinate and authentic document.

Qst: How can I confirm or crosscheck the authenticity of a property?
Ans:It can be confirmed through the Ministry of lands, Surveyor, Lawyer, Title document.

Qst: What should I know,ask or answer before paying for a property?
Ans: Are there litigation, documents and titles? Ask if the land is committed or not? Avoid flying coordinates.

Qst: Is it only a property with a certificate of occupancy is safe to purchase?
Ans: Sometimes properties with C of O can be revoked by another government, e.g. Ogun and Lagos States through the change of Government, some lands with C of O were revoked.

Qst: What titles of property are safe to invest in?
Ans: Include but not restricted to C of O, Gazette, Registered Deed of Assignment, Governor’s Consent,

Qst: If my property is committed, what can/should be done?
Ans: Confirm there is no Government interest, approach Ministry of Lands, take steps to ratify quickly. We can help you!

Qst: How do I use the ministry of lands to ascertain the authenticity of a property?
Ans: Pick coordinates and survey to Ministry of Lands for confirmation.

Qst: Can a property under excision be invested in?
Ans: An excised property can be invested in because Government has no interest in it.

Qst: How do I avoid Landowners/OmoOnileWahala?
Ans:First and foremost, be sure you are dealing with authentic OmoOnile, carry the Baale along as your witness. Ascertain the cost of omoonile from foundation to roofing to determine if you can cope, let Omoonile sign all your documents including Form 1C. Start fencing or doing something on your land immediately to avoid them moving or transferring you to another place.

Qst: Can I get a property with another property? (Property Swap)
Ans: Yes! First Kingdom Realtors can swap.

Qst: Can I get a property with valuables, automobile/machine swap?
Ans: Yes! First Kingdom Realtors can swap.