7 effective ways of buying properties in Lagos without any issue (Omonile Wahala) –Niyi Olakitan

When buying properties in anywhere in Lagos or Nigeria, in order not to have any issues with the Landowners, Thugs popularly called Omonile in Lagos, there are certain tips you need to put into use so you won’t get your fingers burnt.

  1. Carry experts along

It’s important to carry experts along, due to the fact that they can carry out the necessary check on the property. These experts are not only needed during agreement signing but right from the beginning of the transaction to help figure out every issue as regards the transaction. A Surveyor and a Lawyer are still right to work with at the point of buying any property.

It is important to carry experts along in order to avoid or reduce risk and wastages in your investment.

  1. Verify the real owner

There are situations where I’ve heard people paid to wrong owner or family, thereby leading to issues when a new owner shows up. For instance, Mountain of Fire Ministries is facing a new set of the landowner as the new set of people claimed the Ministry didn’t pay to the right owner. Take your time to verify who really owns the property to avoid issues with them in the nearest future.

  1. Involve the Community representatives

When buying property anywhere, be sure you involve the community representatives more especially the head of the community (The Baale). It is important you involve them in signing the Deeds of Assignment in order to avoid paying to a wrong owner too.

  1. Be sure you are allocated when you’ve done the payment

Once you have made payment and receipt has been collected, nothing should delay allocation. Know where they are giving to you as your potion. Once you’ve paid and allocation is getting too late, issues might come up in the nearest future. It is important you erect your corner piece on the edges of the property to avoid encroachment into your property.

  1. Register the survey of the property in your name

To avoid issues, as soon as you’ve taken possession of the property, register the survey in your name, if possible apply for C of O on the property. By so doing, you are free from any issue coming from anybody.

  1. Start construction immediately

As soon as you are in possession of the property, start construction immediately, you can start with a little fence of about 3 coaches. Never leave your property for a long time without doing anything on it as this may lead to resell of the property to another person which may lead to relocating you to another place or losing your property forever.

In conclusion, take your time to follow all these tips and I wish you safe transactions!

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